Secure delivery

The delivery time is generally between 3 and 5 working days for deliveries within the European Union. This represents the time required to meticulously check each coin that we are sending you as well as preparing them for shipping.

  • Whichever carrier we use, Secure Delivery, UPS or Colissimo, your package is insured for the full value of its contents.
  • All of our carriers are internationally recognised for reliability and are widely used by numerous brands.
  • Your package is sent confidentially. We have designed bespoke packaging to ensure that there is no visible mention of the brand and the product contained in the package.

Appropriate costs

Sending our pure gold and silver creations requires special handling to ensure that they are not damaged. To give you an idea, the delivery costs are calculated based on the value and the weight of the package. Each carrier applies different fees according to their own price list.

Delivery costs are provided in the table below. If you wish to have your package delivered to a country that isn't mentioned, please contact customer services on +33 1 8088 4695. We can let you know if delivery is possible in your country and inform you of the additional cost that will be applied to your invoice.