All our pure gold coins and creations. Manufactured by the world's greatest manufacturers, our pure gold legal tender coins are delivered with their certificate of authenticity.

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Buy gold coins

Buying gold coins is an important step for anyone looking to diversify their investments while purchasing something of great value.

For thousands of years, gold has been the metal of choice for conveying more than just an object. By purchasing high quality pure gold coins, you are perpetuating ancient traditions.

All Vera Valor gold coins are designed with the highest standards of product quality. They are delivered with a unique certificate of authenticity attesting to the quality and origin of the pure gold coin. Vera Valor gold coins have a limited edition, which makes them rare and increases their value over time. Like a fine wine or an artist's masterpiece, Vera Valor gold coins are a real opportunity to acquire a product that will appreciate in value over time.

Gift gold coins

Whether it is for a birth gift, a christening gift, a birthday gift or simply a great moment in life to celebrate, offering a pure gold coin is the most beautiful gift you can make. Beyond the object, you are transmitting strong values that will endure over time. You can't go wrong choosing a gold coin for a gift of great value.

Sell your gold - The Vera Valor guarantee

All Vera Valor gold coins and products sold on the site benefit from the Vera Valor Guarantee. This guarantee, in addition to attesting to the quality of the gold coins you buy, allows you to instantly resell your gold coins at the best price.

We instantly buy back the gold coins you wish to sell at a completely transparent price. You can therefore decide at any time to resell your products. The repurchase price is correlated to the gold price of the coins and this guarantees that you will be able to sell your products at the best market price. In addition, Vera Valor Guarantee is a facility for you to ensure that you will find a buyer if you wish to resell your gold coins.

Legal tender gold coins

Buying legal tender gold coins is your guarantee of acquiring a coin that is internationally recognised. By having a face value recognised by a state, legal tender coins are the ideal purchase for a valuable item that will appreciate in value over time.

Gold price - Gold coin price

Like silver, gold is a precious metal regulated by market rules. Gold price fluctuates daily and depends on various factors such as the geopolitical, economic or social context.

The price of gold is traded in major currencies such as the Euro (EUR), the US dollar (USD), the British pound (GBP) and the Yen. The gold price is usually quoted in relation to one ounce of gold, which corresponds to a weight of 31.103 grams of gold. All Vera Valor gold products and coins sold on our website are indexed to the gold price in real time. The prices are updated every 15 minutes and are therefore very accurate. You buy products at their real value.

Gold coin delivery

Because we want your experience to be the best, we guarantee fast and secure delivery for all our pure gold products and gold coins. So you can order all the gold coins you want without worrying about security.