Our mission

Making the inaccessible accessible. Celebrating both tangible and intangible value. Marking the passing of time with the timeless, conveying emotions through material objects.

Challenges as time goes by and in modern times. We are proud to bring nuance back to a century that sometimes forgets to celebrate the uniqueness of our time. To uphold strong values of heritage and of physical and emotional assets.

Gold is a material that transports, transcends and enhances our lives.

Born out of rare and authentic expertise, our gold and silver creations showcase the purity and fineness of these exceptional metals at the highest level. Their unsurpassed quality means that you will be buying a bold, unique and valuable gift, which can be passed down through the generations. Representing a truly human legacy.

Our mission
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Designing our creations

Our Luxury Private Mint has always remained true to its values and mission: making exceptional quality solid gold and silver products accessible, enabling a different kind of legacy, transcending the unique.

That's why we have chosen to create our own coins and partner with the greatest coin-making facilities in the world. With complete control of our value chain, from sourcing materials through to delivering products, we can guarantee a rare and precious item that will last through generations, with full respect for the environment and the people who contributed to its creation.

Designing our creations

Currency with a conscience

After several years of experience in minting coins, the Vera Valor Brand is continuing to fulfil its dreams, inviting you along on our wonderful adventure, designing new legal-tender coins.

Creations that combine freedom, inventiveness, innovation and numismatic expertise. Conceived by and for those who wish to acquire a timeless item to add to their heritage.

Noble and sustainable materials, such as gold and silver, make our coins the perfect item to preserve the values that you hold dear.

Precious metals

Anchored in the history of our civilisation, precious metals bear witness to the boundless beauty that nature has to offer. Anyone who has held a solid gold or silver creation in their hands can still feel the strong emotion that it inspired within them.

It's this pure and profound feeling that we aim to pass on to you by giving you the opportunity to access these creations, with their unparalleled quality and genuine value.

However, this must never be to the detriment of the environment or the respect of human rights. Learn more about the origin of the metals we use and their history.

Precious metals
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