Luxury Private Mint.

Boldness, perseverance and a desire to break the rules and turn the status quo on its head are the founding values of our Brand. Vera Valor was born from this idea.

An established coin, the symbol of ancestral humanity with its strong sense of legacy. We kept this name, with its deeply significant origins, for our brand.

Today, Vera Valor has public recognition as the premier independent, privately-owned French Luxury Private Mint.

Why Vera Valor ?

Legal tender coins Vera Valor - 1/10 ounce 1/4 ounce 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce

In the beginning, there was a dare.

A young business dared to launch an ambitious project to create its very own coins. A fierce desire for independence, to escape from the big players, to control the entire production process from start to finish.

The determination to restore the gold coin to its former glory, to reclaim the ancient tradition of marking a significant event by the gift of a gold coin.

Vera Vita - Vera Valor

The desire to challenge the status quo.

Challenging the status quo by combining noble traditions with daring modernity.

As well as its exceptional fineness, the first Vera Valor collection has been stamped on the reverse side with a scannable, unique and unforgeable QR code. A globally unique process.

Challenging the status quo by guaranteeing ongoing security, manufacturing using only raw materials that have been extracted and processed subject to the most stringent standards for human rights and the environment.

Challenging the status quo by surrounding ourselves with partners as demanding as we are. By taking no shortcuts in the quality of our products.By establishing stable and long-lasting synergies with sovereign states, as evidenced in our "traveller" range, with coins like The Zanzibar and The Gibraltar or the "lofty" Elizabeth II.

Challenging the status quo means always having to question yourself.

Drawing tools - Vera Valor


Surpassing ourselves in a spirit of teamwork and sharing: this is what enables us to rise to the challenge of creating our beautiful products.

Volcanic eruption


Demanding a job well done. Making a fragment of our civilisation accessible through these wonderful coins. Enabling you to gift the immutable.