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Take advantage of a pack of 10 Vera One to build a resilient and secure collection. The VeraOne, a symbol of our expertise and philosophy, is blister-packed to ensure perfect conservation.

Product features

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  Certificate of authenticity

Each coin is sold with a certificate of authenticity and benefits from the Vera Valor Guarantee

  Secure and discreet shipping

Confidential delivery with no visible mention of Vera Valor and the product it contains.

  3D Secure payment

Fully secure payment with 3D Secure technology. Buy with peace of mind!

The design

Technical prowess alongside aesthetic quality, a perfect alliance of all that is precious and valuable in the material. This pack of 10 Vera One represents the perfect balance between minimalism and safety.

Vera One is an original creation, giving a whole new dimension to the Vera Valor Luxury Private Mint's range. Its unique shape, its fineness value of 999.9‰ and its legal tender status make it an exceptional.

The design process required hours of work to match the fine engraving to its unique size and shape. The container, specially designed to accommodate the size of the coin, will protect it from damage and guarantee that it will hold its value over time.

An authentic symbol of the passing down of wealth but also of excellence: on the obverse side, the coat of arms of Gibraltar has been engraved with the precision of a master watchmaker.

Details and description

General information

Conceived and designed by Vera Valor
Minted in the greatest coin-making facilities in the world
Delivered with care in a made-to-measure presentation case
Product reference: PACK10VRO

Technical details

Coin metal composition: Pure Gold 999.0 ‰
Gross weight: 1.015 grams
Weight in pure gold: 1 gram
Quality: Bullion
Dimensions: 14.95 x 7.95 x 0.44 mm


Designer: Mr Eric MAILLARD
Country of legal tender: Gibraltar
Face value: 2 GIP
VAT not applicable

La maison de Haute Monnaie Vera Valor

Vera Valor

Born from a desire to challenge the status quo and break the rules of coin-making, Vera Valor has made a name for itself as the benchmark Luxury Private Mint in France. A luxury house that epitomises excellence, quality down to the finest details and noble materials full of soul.

Striking a balance between heritage and modernity, age-old expertise and innovation.

Always on the lookout for new creations, we apply our unique expertise to pushing the boundaries of our craft ever further.

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